About us

Let us briefly introduce ourselves.

Booking.dentist is a global platform for dentistry based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Booking.dentist is a result of the high demand of dental customers who seek a more transparent presentation of prices and dental services in Europe and globaly and the difficulty individual dentist's offices face when trying to enter foreign markets. The main advantages of Booking.dentist in comparison with other similar services are:

- transparent presentation od the quality of clinics and their services

- transparent presentation of the prices of medical services and the possibility of price comparison

- independent comments from customers and users of services

Booking.dentist offers also extremely effective digital marketing for dental clinics. It enables the acquisition of new clients for dental clinics from various markets, as Booking.dentist spends the entire commission it receives from clinics to advertise the platform.



Booking.dentist was created with the goal of helping dental service users make an easier decision about who to entrust their dental problems to. Therefore, we defined the mission as:


To spread oral health among people and thus enable them to live a better life.



We are aware that the vision is a mirror of the participants, so we set an ambitious vision:


Become the largest dental service provider in Europe.



Based on our vision, we have also outlined goals that are the benchmark and standard for our performance. Our long-term goals are:
• annual growth of the number of dental customers,
• annual growth in the number of providers of dental services,
• an above-average level of customer satisfaction with dental services,
• an above-average level of satisfaction of dental service providers,
• an above-average level of employee satisfaction,
• an above-average degree of independence and internal stability.





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